User Guide

Welcome to the HB (Hugo Bootstrap) framework, we’re excited that you’re interested in it.

In this section

  • Getting Started
    Learn how to get started with HB.
    • Introduction
      HB (Hugo Bootstrap) is a modular framework that built on top of Hugo and Bootstrap v5.3.0+. HB is not a theme, it's used to build one.
    • Prerequisites
      HB is a feature-rich framework, but it also has a certain complexity. This article will detail the requirements for HB so that you can develop and use HB modules and themes properly.
    • Installation

      We provide a starter theme template for you to create a HB site quickly.

    • Install on Existing Sites

      This guide introduces how to install HB and modules to existing sites.

  • Configuration
  • Content
    • Creating Content

      Content is the most basic and core part of a site. This article will introduce some basic concepts of content and how to create it.

    • Markdown Syntax Guide
      Sample article showcasing basic Markdown syntax and formatting for HTML elements.
    • Shortcodes
      A list of various shortcodes.
  • Deployment
  • Advanced User Guide
    The advanced guide for theme’s users.
    • Add Custom HTML Markup

      You may want to include custom HTML markup to extend functionalities, that’s quit easy to do that with HugoPress built-in hooks and HB custom hooks.

    • Customize Scripts

      This article offers a sample for showing how to add custom scripts.

    • Customize Styles

      HB allows adding custom styles and overriding the Bootstrap default SCSS variables.

  • Troubleshooting
    The list of known issues and corresponding solutions.
  • Join Us

    We’re glad you plan to join us, and we appreciate any contributions. You can support this project in the following ways.